What People Say About Elder Care Consultants

“The care managers at Elder Care Consultants have earned my trust over many years.  They are always professional and available when needed.  My patients do better with their services and I find it easy to recommend them.  If you need help, they are one of the best management groups I can recommend.”  Steven Simmons, MD, Allegiance Physician House Calls

“You did a wonderful job. At the time I contacted you, I was having a difficult time dealing with all the situations that arise when being the caretaker for someone with dementia. You not only helped me identify and contact the various doctors that needed to be seen, various county workers that could help, and even a lawyer, and then took the appropriate lead in making appointments, gave me reminders of what needed to be done, and was always available to go to appointments with me when needed. I am sure every caregiver finds themselves in similar situations. I would recommend you highly and without reservation to have you help them through that difficult situation.” William – son

“Thank you for the eleven months of exceptional service. You have played a pivotal role in my family’s life, especially through a difficult time, and you did it superbly. It was a great comfort that I could count on your judgment, day in and out, whatever the issue or task.” Jeremy – son

“Thank you again for all you did to make Arthur’s life better. You gave us such good advice and were always there to help when we could not be there. Your visits really added to his quality of life and more importantly, I know he enjoyed visits from you. You made him smile!” Angela – daughter

“I don’t want more ‘Personal’ service. What does that mean, anyway? What I want is to be in charge of my life, to do things as I wish them done, when I wish them done. Elder Care Consultants understands that and works with me. They have my back.” Priscilla – client

“Our family felt so helpless—we had no idea what dad needed, and how to provide it to him. How could we choose the right assisted living facility for him? One that could meet his medical needs while providing as much independence? Elder Care Consultants helped us navigate through the maze of options, and dad is happy and thriving.” Serena, daughter

“I work with care managers every day, and I seldom witness true concern or interest in their clients as people. Elder Care is different. This team brings a level of knowledge, experience, and empathy that compels everyone to ‘think outside of the box,’ resulting in realistic goals and expectations that keep the focus on the client’s best interests.

Thank you for your tireless work as an advocate for your clients. Thank you for being able to see that providing healthcare to people is an individualized process, not a ‘one size fits all’ answer. It is a combination of all of these factors that sets Elder Care Consultants apart from other case managers.” HCR, Regional Director of Operations

“I do not hesitate to refer my clients and their families to Elder Care Consultants. Vanessa and her staff are responsive, experienced, caring and professional.” Elizabeth M, Certified Elder Law Attorney

“Contracting with Elder Care Consultants was the best decision my sister and I have made regarding care for our 92-year-old mom.  Over the last year, our mom’s dementia worsened to the point where we could no longer handle the variety, severity, and frequency of the issues that arose.  We desperately needed help.

Sandi initially took my call and, as I explained our situation, I broke into tears.  She was so compassionate, taking the time to listen, converse, and explain.  At no time did I feel rushed.  By the end of our conversation, I realized that we might actually make it through this!

Over the last 5 months, Vanessa and Amy have shown that same degree of empathy and compassion, as well as tremendous expertise.  They’ve not only prioritized the health and welfare of our mom but they also have provided exceptional support, both logistically and emotionally, to my sister and me during this challenging period.

We would not have been able to navigate all of the processes and bureaucracies on our own.  Vanessa and Amy have been there for us whenever we’ve needed them.  They’ve helped us arrange medical treatment when needed, schedule in-home skilled nursing care, deal with DMV issues, and line up a doctor to perform a capacity assessment of our mom.  Unfortunately, my sister and I are now faced with the process of becoming guardians for our mom and, as always, Vanessa and Amy have been there for us, preparing a comprehensive assessment based on their personal contact with our mom.

I must add that they’ve done ALL of this for our family in the midst of the global Covid-19 pandemic!  Thank you Elder Care Consultants!  It is evident that you truly care about our family.” David- son

“ECC provided such amazing help and guidance to myself and my nephew, for my sister MM. She was so unhappy, losing her memory and and living alone. ECC was dedicated to making sure that she was happy, well cared for and at peace. We were at a loss for what to do and how to help her. ECC came in and worked with us to help get my sister the needed help. They even advocated for her to go to a Long Term Care Facility close to where we could visit her. The one place that we liked, the hospital said they did not have any available beds. ECC never stopped trying and was able to speak with the ED of the facility and made arrangements to have my sister live there. ECC never gave up, or stopped.

Thank you ECC for all of your help and giving my sister the ability to smile and be happy. She would often say thank you for getting me here. We always reminded her who helped her and us! Words cannot express how much we appreciate all you did for our family especially my sister who finally was happy. Thank you again.”  JM- brother